“Page was so great to work with during my Sister Style session. Her positivity and knowledge made me very excited for rush, and she could not have been more helpful during the process! It was nice knowing I had her support and that she believed in me.

Thanks to Sister Style, I felt very confident during the recruitment process. Working with Page allowed me to be relaxed and enjoy the process of rush! ” – C.C., USC

 “Sister Style was a huge help in the sorority rush process!  They calmed my nerves about recruitment and put me at ease when it came to decision-making.  I really appreciated the abililty to call Sister Style at any time during rush to ask questions.  The wardrobe consultation eliminated the stress of deciding what outfits were appropriate and what looked good on me.  I was confident that I was putting my best foot forward.  Sister Style alleviated the anxiety of rush and allowed me to enjoy rush.  I love my sorority and wouldn’t change it for the world!” – T.C., USC