First, we offer a complimentary evaluation meeting where we will review the benefits of joining the Greek system while also determining the key areas of focus for your recruitment preparation. All of the individual sessions and packages are completed on an individual basis, except for the full-day session which is completed in a group setting.

Full Day Seminar | $550/approx. 8 hours

After sharing this full day experience with your peers, you’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of sorority recruitment and how to make your best impression throughout the process. The seminar includes:

  • All workshops including Etiquette, How to Sell Yourself, Interview Skills, Resume Review, Social Media, Wardrobe Styling and Networking
  •  “Mocktail Party” where we will simulate a formal recruitment party with alumnae from local sororities so that you can put your new skills to the test
  • Hair & Make-up personal consultation complete with ideas and suggestions for recruitment
  • 1 hr. private wardrobe consultation to be completed at a later date
  • On-call service during rush week should any questions arise (I will actually give you my cell phone for you to call at ANY time)
  • Lunch, Hors d’oeuvres & Beverages

Pink Package | $350 for 3 Sessions

This package is available individually or at a discount should you and some friends want to prepare for recruitment together! This session includes:

  • Interview Skills
  • Networking
  • Brief Etiquette Review
  • Brief Social Media Review
  • Wardrobe Consultation (3 hrs.)
  • On-Call availability the week of rush

Purple Package | $300 for 3 Sessions

This package is also available in private or discounted group options should you want to share the experience with some friends.  The included sessions are:

  • Interview Skills
  • How to Sell Yourself
  • Networking
  • Wardrobe Consultation (2 hrs.)
  • On-Call availability the week of recruitment

Teal Package | $275 for 2 Sessions

This package is intended as a private tutorial but available as a discounted group option as well.  The package includes the following sessions:

  • Interview Skills
  • Wardrobe Consultation (3 hrs.)
  • On-Call availability the week of recruitment

In addition to the packages, we also offer all of the sessions individually or they can be incorporated into one of the packages above.  Below you’ll find more information on each session:

Etiquette 45 min. $50

Here we discuss everything you’ll need to know whether it’s for a recruitment party, interview or lunch meeting.  You’ll be well versed in etiquette and will walk away with increased self-confidence as you no longer have to worry about which fork to pick up!

Social Media Strategy 45 min. $50

What is your Facebook page saying about you?  Do you know who is reading your tweets?  Here we’ll review what you should and shouldn’t be posting, especially as it relates to your first impression going into recruitment and job interviews.

Resume Review 30 min. $50

A dissection of your resume to ensure that it represents you and all that you have accomplished and is aimed at the recruitment process.  We will also discuss how your resume should be altered or amended for internships and your career thereafter.

Networking 45min. – 1hr. $75

We’ll discuss everything related to reference letters, who should write them, how to get someone to write one, and making sure they are actually sent!  In addition we’ll go over how networking in your daily activities can only help in your recruitment parties and beyond college through the extended Greek network.

How to Sell Yourself 45 min. – 1 hr. $75

Here we’ll work through conversation ideas that are best suited for you and your personal sorority experience.  You’ll be brainstorming, developing and practicing conversation techniques throughout this session.

Wardrobe Consultation $75/hr.

You have two choices, we will either come to your home and “shop your closet” or we can go out into “real world” and shop around as well.

  • While we are shopping your closet we will develop appropriate ensembles complete with accessories fit for each different round of recruitment.
  • If you’d like to go out and shop with us, we will visit a variety of stores and price points to help you develop fresh ensembles fit for each round of recruitment.
Interview Skills 1 hr. $100

During this workshop we will review key steps toward completing a successful interview both in recruitment and in the workplace.  Whether you’re looking for an internship or sister for life, we’ll give you all the information you need to make a lasting impression.

As mentioned above, please contact us for special group rate discounts.  We hope to hear from you soon!