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About Sister Style

Sister Style is focused on helping collegiate women prepare for the Greek system and sorority rush process. During a complimentary evaluation session we familiarize clients with the benefits of Greek life and discover what would be the best fit for you. In our various sessions and packages we will teach you about the recruitment process, work on interview skills, personal marketing, etiquette, social media Do’s & Don’ts, wardrobe styling, networking and more. With these skills you will be completely prepared for the sorority recruitment process, but probably best of all, these skills will help you to land that dream internship and can even be used after graduation when you’re starting your professional career!

We also work with existing chapters to help with their specific needs. Whether it’s recruitment techniques, conversation and interview skills, etiquette, image awareness or marketing, we will come to your chapter and use creative methods to address your specific needs. We will help you ensure that you are connecting with what potential members are looking for in a sorority chapter in the 21st century. These skills can be targeted at recruitment or helping to prepare your graduating members for what lies ahead in the work force, let us know how we can help you!

Page Sacks – Bio

Page Sacks is a proud graduate from the University of Southern California and an alumna of its Greek system. Her friendships, leadership opportunities, recruitment skills and experiences during college and after have led her to this point as a Sorority Recruitment Consultant and she couldn’t imagine a better fit.

During college Page participated in her sorority in a variety of leadership roles and upon graduation worked for her organization as a traveling field consultant where she visited 30+ campuses across the U.S. and helped to develop strategic plans for everything from recruitment to public relations and marketing. As an alumna she then went on to hold volunteer positions overseeing many chapters along the west coast of the U.S. to help them follow through on their strategic plans and goals.

Her passion for Greek life and recruitment can be seen every time the topic comes up, combine that with her extensive experience as an Entertainment Publicist in L.A. and Page brings a creative and cool “west coast” style to her recruitment and interview techniques.

Page currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Adam, and their dog Sadie. She loves travel, dance, yoga and a girls night out.